Üldine informatsioon

Lisatud: 2012-08-21 15:09
Proovi tüüp: fungal

Spore information

Internal isolate code: BEG140
Spores origin: dry culture substrate containing spores
Culture provider: Miroslav Vosatka
Donation date: 2011-02-10
Spores amount: 100 ml of soil


Kontinent: Europe
Riik: Czech Republic
Asukoht: Chvaletice region
Ala kommentaar: pyrite waste deposit, high conc. of Mn, Fe and other heavy metals preferential and massive sporulation of isolate in dead seeds of Chenopodium album in the field and in pots  
Ökosüsteem: anthropogenic
Bioom: anthropogenic ecosystem
Elukoht: anthropogenic