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Lisatud: 2018-07-20 11:03
Proovi tüüp: soil


Kontinent: North America
Riik: Costa Rica
Asukoht: Santa Rosa National Park, Guanacaste
Ala: SRy
Ala kommentaar: Dry deciduous tropical forest with abundant leaves in the floor, the rain season was not started so the vegetation and the soil was particularly dry. We did not know the species, but the forest structure was with mostly big adult trees and some shrubs forming an open forest easy to walk. Some fabaceae were obserbed. The tree canopy was formed by 3-5 different tree species. This area did not seem to be disturbed by humans. In an area nearby it seems that a fire was present not long ago.
Laiuskraad: 10° 50' 53'' N
Pikkuskraad: 85° 36' 37'' W
Koordinaadid: 10.84806 -85.61028
Kõrgus merepinnast: 265 m
Ökosüsteem: forest
Bioom: tropical dry broadleaf forest
Elukoht: deciduous forest