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Lisatud: 2019-01-03 16:34
Proovi tüüp: soil


Kontinent: Oceania
Riik: Australia
Asukoht: Red Lake
Ala: RLy
Ala kommentaar: Western Australia, Grass Patch N of Esperance, Red Lake Nature Reserve Isolated 1.3 km x 1 km large woodland lot, surrounded by fields. Western Australia, Great Western Woodlands (Goldfield Woodlands) Zonobiome IV: Sclerophyllous Woodlands & Scrub Subzonobiome (accord. to Mucina, unpubl.): Continental Broadleaves Sclerophyllous Woodlands Regional Azonal Biome (accord. to Mucina, unpubl.): Western Australian Eucalyptus Woodlands Community: Olearia muelleri-Eucalyptus lissocarpa Woodland. The woodland lot is a protected remnant that was spared clearing. It was saved to serve as reserve lot form development of a settlement (red Lake), which, however, never experienced any expansion. Government (now Dept. of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions is managing this piece of land as Nature Reserve. There are patches of surface bio-varnish on the surface and patches of terricolous (spreading) lichens. Moss patches are also found. Litter is abundant (about 50%, but shallow: 1-2 cm deep, formed mainly from shed leaves of the dominating Eucalyptus. Some logs and branches are also found. Ant are numerous and form large, but not very tall nat nests (or groups of nests). E3α: Eucalyptus loxophleba subsp. lissocarpa 30% (7-9 m tall) E2β: Eucalyptus oleosa agg. 10% Eucalyptus loxophleba subsp. lissocarpa 5% Melaleuca sp. 5% Unknown tall shrub 5% E2α: Olearia muelleri 15% (Asteraceae) Unknown grey shrub 5% Daviesia sp. 2% Unknown white herb 2% Dodonaea sp. 2% E1: Pteroptylis sp. 1% (orchid) Podolepis capillaris 1% The woodland lot is occasionally used by campers (few burn sites), occasional trash; there are number of narrow and not maintained tracks criss-crossing the woodland. The sampling was done using the regular 30 m x 30 m design, avoiding any surface disturbance.
Laiuskraad: 33° 08' 39'' S
Pikkuskraad: 121° 42' 11'' E
Koordinaadid: -33.14417 121.70306
Kõrgus merepinnast: 244 m
Ökosüsteem: forest
Bioom: mediterranean forest, woodland and scrub
Elukoht: eucalyptus woodland