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Lisatud: 2019-02-12 09:51
Proovi tüüp: soil


Kontinent: Asia
Riik: Thailand
Asukoht: Nakhom Phanom 2
Ala: NPF2
Ala kommentaar: Suburb of Nakhom Phanom, campus of the Faculty of Science, Univ.Nakhom Phanom. Broadleaved tropical seasonal forest. Small remnant stand, what still remains within the campus. Multispecies and multilayer canopy. There are some ECM tree species, but no Dipterocarpus. A path used by locals goes through the forest. Multispecies stand. Path through the forest patch, some littering. Two transects were made, aimed to be 160m with 8 points (ca 20m steps). Because of high density of the canopy and uneven surface, the actual sampling had some random element. Four geochemical samples were collected: Transect 1 (NPF1) forest 1 (pooled points 1…4), forest 2 (pooled 5…8), Transect 2 (NPF2) analogous.
Laiuskraad: 17° 23' 37'' N
Pikkuskraad: 104° 45' 05'' E
Koordinaadid: 17.39361 104.75139
Kõrgus merepinnast: 127 m
Ökosüsteem: forest
Bioom: tropical moist broadleaf forest
Elukoht: tropical moist broadleaf forest