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Lisatud: 2024-04-09 11:03
Proovi tüüp: soil


Kontinent: South America
Riik: Argentina
Asukoht: Las Perdices
Ala: LPx
Ala kommentaar: East from the road, centre of the ca 12 ha plot. Margins have some invaded plants. Spiny chaco forest; soil sandy. Surrounded by arable land. Agriculture started 140 years ago. Eastern side from the road. Tree layer 4-8m; cover 30-40%. Dominant species: Prosopis nigra, Celtis ehrenbergiana, Geoffroea decorticans, Porlieria microphylla, Lucium chilense, Baccharis ulicima. sometimes grazing, currently not grazed. Invasive weeds from the arable land at forest patch margins. Private ownership within big agricultural matrix. Plot is paired with plot LPz.
Laiuskraad: 32° 36' 17'' S
Pikkuskraad: 63° 57' 07'' W
Koordinaadid: -32.60472 -63.95194
Kõrgus merepinnast: 342 m
Ökosüsteem: shrubland
Bioom: subtropical shrubland
Elukoht: spiny chaco forest