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Lisatud: 2024-04-09 11:05
Proovi tüüp: plant roots


Kontinent: Africa
Riik: Senegal
Asukoht: Bandia
Ala: BAy
Ala kommentaar: The site is located near the Bandia wildlife reserve, lies 65km from Dakar and 15km from Saly-Portugal (the seaside resort town on the “Petite Côte”) on the main road (N1) to Mbour. The vegetation belongs to the Sudan-Sahelian area and includes more than 100 plant species. Three varying stages of su¬ccession can be observed: the first stage of succession has the character of open grassy savannah with a high representation of annual species. The second stage is the transitional phase of bushy savannah. The third stage involves a tree and bush savannah. The site displays a relative flat relief with eutrophic brown soil. Relatively wet plot. dominant and other common plant species: Acacia ataxacantha, A. mimosa, A. senegal, A. seyal, Adansonia digitata, Balanites aegyptiaca, Bossia senegalensis, Bra¬chiaria distichophylla, Cassia obtusifolia, Combretum micranthum, Digitaria abyssinica, Echinochloa colona, Enteropogon prieuri, Indigofera tinctoria, Prosopis juliflora, Tamarindus indica. The site is not cultivated.
Laiuskraad: 14° 34' 56'' N
Pikkuskraad: 17° 00' 58'' W
Koordinaadid: 14.58222 -17.01611
Kõrgus merepinnast: 23 m
Ökosüsteem: shrubland
Bioom: tropical grasslands and savannas
Elukoht: savannah