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Lisatud: 2024-04-09 11:05
Proovi tüüp: plant roots


Kontinent: South America
Riik: Argentina
Asukoht: Moquehue
Ala: AAy
Ala kommentaar: Plot is located ca 1 km to the south from Moquehue village and east from the road. Uninvaded Araucaria araucana forest. Nothofagus antarctica understorey. Hilly, in the valley bottom. Canopy 20-25 m; cover 60%; different age classes represented; lot of juveniles. Dominant species: Araucaria araucana, Nothofagus antartcica, Festuca sp., Pernettya (ericoid), Lathyrus magellanicus, Anemone sp. Some horse grazing. Invasive species. Rumex acetosella. Plot is paired with plot AAw.
Laiuskraad: 38° 59' 22'' S
Pikkuskraad: 71° 22' 40'' W
Koordinaadid: -38.98944 -71.37778
Kõrgus merepinnast: 1376 m
Ökosüsteem: forest
Bioom: temperate coniferous forest
Elukoht: araucaria araucana forest